Business Affairs

The Committee on Business Affairs (BA) influences every facet of the student experience, from housing and dining to campus businesses and security. We represent the voices of the undergraduate student body and work hard to advocate for students with businesses and administration.

Chair: Devin Gund (Statement of Intent)
Meeting Time: Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:00 PM in the Senate Office (CUC 333)

This semester, we are investigating:

  • Collecting students’ issues and advocating on their behalf. There is currently no institutionalized mechanism for students to voice their issues to the Senate or campus entities. We will establish a site where students may submit comments or concerns, research the problems, and work with the relevant parties in business and administration to promote solutions.
  • Becoming more involved in business and contract negotiations. Senate has a responsibility to represent the student interest in campus affairs. We will establish relations with administrative officials, business groups, and advisory councils on campus and act as the student body’s voice in all meetings and decisions.
  • Reviewing the conduct of businesses in the interests of students. With little student oversight, businesses may operate in ways contrary to the well-being of the student body. We will develop impartial metrics for appropriate conduct and evaluate campus businesses and services.

Current Initiatives

  • 25Live Reform
  • CMU Shuttle System Reform
  • CPDC Offer Policy Reform
  • Dining Nutrition Reform
  • Documentation of Campus Businesses
  • EMS Parking Reform
  • Review of Campus Business Conduct
  • Summer Storage Reform