Campus Life

Campus Life (CL) works to enhance the experience of life at CMU for all undergraduate students, specifically focusing on on-campus activities, as well as allowing students to explore Pittsburgh. We work to bridge the gap between the interests of the undergraduate student body and the remainder of the university with regards to the student life experience. For this semester, we have set our sights on positively impacting the Carnegie Mellon environment with long-term projects, as well as short-term events. In order to achieve this goal, Campus Life will:


  • Fostering Collaboration: CL will look to increase collaboration both internally within Senate, as well as externally. We want to facilitate groups on campus connecting with each other in ways that are mutually beneficial, as well as, as a committee, collaborating with other Senate committees to enact more impactful and lasting changes.
  • Engaging with the Student Body: We want to hear from the student body, and get them involved in the work we do. Through holding town halls and interacting with students through tabling, we want to find out what students want from their representatives, so that we can do work that most proactively and effectively meets the needs of CMU undergraduates.
  • Advocating for Students: To ensure that campus life is made better for all CMU undergraduates, CL will be committed to events and policy that foster diversity and inclusion, and work to create events and policy that advocates for inclusivity.
  • Continuing Past Work: CL will continue to work to complete work begun last semester, like working to improve the Sophomore/Junior Year Experience and continuing with the Humans of CMU project.

Chair: Ryan Dumas
Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 5:00 – 6:00 PM (Senate Office, CUC 333)