Special Allocations


What are Senate’s Special Allocations?

Senate – The Undergraduate Student Senate’s Finance Committee evaluates proposals for funding. Requests are considered on the basis that they fit at least one of the following criteria: The group or individual is new to campus, did not receive JFC funding, is planning a new event, or is incurring unexpected costs. Proposals are also evaluated on their effect on the undergraduate community. We meet weekly to review funding requests.

If you want a better understanding regarding our funding philosophy, feel free to read our Fiscal Policy.

To apply:

  1. Fill out the Common Funding Application on the bridge
  2. Submit a complete and itemized budget for your event using this suggested template
  3. Wait for an email from me, the Senate Finance Chair

The process:

  1.  Apply by submitting a Common Funding Application
  2.  Attend a 1-on-1 with your assigned Finance Rep for a budget session
  3.  Attend a Finance Committee Meeting for the reviewal session
  4.  Potentially, attend a General Body Meeting for final approval
  5.  If approved, submit Itemized receipts for reimbursement


What you should expect:

The 1-on-1 Meeting, The Finance Committee Meeting, & The General Body Meeting

Important notice:

If your request for a special allocation is approved, you will be provided with funding once you have submitted to us copies of the receipts for your expenditures. It is Senate’s policy to only transfer allocation funds to an organization after it has supplied copies of the itemized receipts for expenditures covered by the approved special allocation. Copies of the receipts must be submitted within 28 days of the original spending. If we do not receive the receipts for your expenditures within the 28 days’ time, you will not receive any funding.