Internal Development

Welcome to the Internal Development Committee!

This semester I am focusing on the different aspects of new member education as well as the different components of team building. Some of the initiatives I am focusing on are:

New Member Education 

  • Educate new members of senate on the basics required to participate
  • Workshops on:
    • Effective Communication to both peers and admin
    • Time Management
    • Initiative Construction
    • Platforming
    • Senate History

Board Game Night 

  • As Members of Senate we often spend time on work and don’t have a chance to relax, this initiative is meant to:
    • Boost unity among Senators/Mals
    • Allow for a stress relief
    • Create a community in Senate
    • Have fun

Attendance Policy Reform

  • The current attendance policy is confusing and enforces a strict ruling on absence/engagement. The goal of this reform is to:
    • Allow members of senate to not feel policed by a policy
    • Give proper warnings and reports on the retention of senate
    • Increase transparency and decrease confusion between members and the roster

Committee 1:1 Revamp 

  • 1:1’s are the conversations that members of ID have with other members of senate
  • Creates a feedback loop to improve senate as a whole
  • Allows committee chairs to receive updates of how they are doing
  • Gives members an anonymous space to report issues as they come up


If you have any questions regarding my committee or senate as a whole, feel free to contact me.


Joseph Glanzberg


Chair: Joseph Glanzberg

ID Initiatives