Internal Development

I joined Senate with a desire to serve the student body and improve our community. I’ve been a committed member of Internal Development Committee and Campus Life Committee. I became Sergeant-at-Arms in Fall 2016 and am honored to be Chair of Internal Development Committee. This semester, as Chair of Internal Development Committee, my committee will make sure Senators are professionally prepared for the work in Senate and also serve as the committee of committees.

This semester, ID will:

1. Promote professional and personal development of Senators and Members-at-Large. This will encompass the mentor training, mentorship program, New Member Caucus, and Senator Skills workshops.

2. Ensure the effectiveness of all Senate committees. ID will familiarize itself with the work and performance of all standing and ad hoc committees and present recommendations to Senate Chair for changes.

3. Promote the morale of Senate. This will encompass Senate Social Events, Senate retreat and holiday decorations for the office. ID will also regularly collect feedback from all other committees to help solve internal problems and conflicts in time.

4. Become go-to source for information and guidance for incoming and hopeful members of Senate. Senate is aiming to become more accessible to the student body, and ID will be there to dispel looks of confusion at Senate GBMs and events.

Catherine Huang

Chair: Catherine Huang

ID Initiatives