Internal Development

I joined Senate with a desire to serve the student body and improve our community. I’ve been a committed member of Internal Development Committee and Academic Affairs Committee. After being provided with ID Chair, I have realized this opportunity rarely occurs as a first semester freshmen. For this semester, I must not only continue my development as a senator, but also as an ID chair. Before I can develop my own goals as an ID chair I must make sure that all the current rules are enforced and respected.

This semester, ID will:

1. Focus on how strict the rules of Senate are perceived. Making sure the attendance policy is taken serious and showing other Senators proper respect will be the main focus. This will also lead to solving internal conflicts and disputes.

2. Ensure the effectiveness of all Senate committees. ID will familiarize itself with the work and performance of all standing and ad hoc committees through 1:1s. This will provide a better understanding on how the chair could improve the productivity of their respective committee.

3. Promote the morale of Senate. This will encompass Senate Social Events, Senate retreat and holiday decorations for the office. ID will also regularly collect feedback from all other committees on other things they may enjoy.

4. Become more helpful for new Senate members. New members will be ensured to receive all the information they need to be prepared for GBMs and there own committee meetings. They will also be properly taught terms that come up often in GBMs.

David Hoyos

Chair: David Hoyos

ID Initiatives